Trials and Tribulations

20170716 111811

The High School Baseball season was scheduled for the 2nd of April, the first two games I was to do were cancelled because the ground was not ready, I got the next two in with little or no problem, then the next one, was cancelled at the last moment, well at least I will get paid for that one as it was cancelled  at the last minute.(they got to give us 1hr notice), I was due to do a game at St Johns on the 24th and one in Worcester on the 25th, yep, got to St Johns, talked to the missus and guess what, the game had been cancelled, the poor grounds man was there and had done a great job getting the ground ready only to be told it was off, was he upset, you bet.

With two games umpired then next 2 were rained off this season was becoming a pain. Oh well gotta plug on. I did get a couple of games in but by that time the School was getting ready to break up for the summer.

20170716 110649 I was looking forward to doing American legion Babe Ruth and different tournaments. Again my luck was not in….No American Legion, but I did get a couple of Babe Ruth games which are under 13 and though they are a long drawn out affairs, you can get some good baseball. I got a call from an assigner in Rhode Island and was ask to drive 1 hr to a ground in Pawtucket (home of the Red sox farm team) to do a triple header. I was schulded to do the bases for all three games but felt it was unfair on the other umpire so I took the plate for the first game. It started at 4 pm and was a 2hr limit….nothing special about this game the team from Connecticut won and advanced to play in the 3rd game.

The second game seen a team from Cumberland RI playing a team from Cape Cod…this game was really a pitcher’s duel. In the end the Cape Code team won and ended up playing the team from Connecticut in the final at 8 pm. Again it was great pitching and back and forth scoring. In the end though the Connecticut team won.

After three games, man was I knackered, then I got home, tripped on Cody’s toy and sprained my ankle. I was scheduled to umpire a double-header the next day (Sunday) in Bristol. Connecticut. I could barely stand on it so I had to cancel my trip. So I don’t know if I will be assigned any more games this season but the Tournament season is in full swing so I might get a double header or two. 

P1020196 After playing and umpiring on so many poor grounds in the UK, I finally got to umpire on a University ground. It was a double-header of a U16 game at the Holy Cross University’s home field in Worcester. I got the plate the first game and it was sheer delight to work on a ground like this. It was right off the freeway (motorway to you’ all) and was enclosed by seating unfortunity it was an overcast day and not too many people showed up for the games. I had a non-eventful game behind the plate the pitching was good and the innings went quite smoothly.

The second game I was more relaxed on the bases. Again there was only one or two close plays and I think (or hope) I got them right.

Well that’s all for now until next time.  



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