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Sunday 4th June 2017

"In the beginning of British Baseball, God created the Trojans, and all was good. Over the years and many championships God decided the Trojans needed to grow, so a second Trojan team was created and all was good. Then there was confusion, as there was only one team, yet in different ballparks at the same time, so the name Twojans was born.  This in turn confused the Twojans, not knowing what to call their team mates and their style of play. Seeing their style of play and behaviour on the field, the Twojans started saying Onejan behaviour, and the name was born. The rest was history: No matter how many teams grew in the Trojan Baseball club, were to be only Trojans....Onejans, Twojans and all"

-       The Book of Trojans (Genesis 1.1)

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Photo Gallery.. Photo Credits Helen Baker-Latham


Liverpool Trojans

AAA Nothern Division

2017 Regular Season Fixtures

Liverpool Twojans

AA Northern Division

Regular Season Fixtures 2017

TrojansLogoSmallSunday 5th June 2016
Britain’s oldest existing baseball club, the Liverpool Trojans, marked their 70th anniversary as the club’s first and second teams met for the very first time.
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The original team was formed in 1946 by ex-servicemen returning from the second world war.  During the early years the team were on a very steep learning curve as the standard of baseball in the UK was extremely high.  During the mid 70's and early 80's the Trojans won the British Championship 3 times and won their own division for nine consecutive years, at the time a British record.  Winning ways returned to the Trojans in 2011 & 2012, becoming AAA National champions after losing out in the semi-final in 2010. In 2013 the Trojans once again made it to the AAA national Finals but were beaten by the London Metros. The current Liverpool Trojans are setting their own high standards and are keen to follow their predecessor's winning ways. 


Upcoming Fixtures

Sunday 11th June 2017

The Liverpool Trojans travel to Manchester to take on the Manchester Torrent

Wythenshaw Park,  M23 0PH

The Liverpool Twojans will Play host to the Hull Scorpions

Bootle Stadium/Norman Wells Diamond 12pm

L20 9PQ

eflogoYou can now support the Liverpool Trojans and raise a donation every time you make a purchase online.  Simply sign up to using the link below create an account and choose the Liverpool Trojans as your good cause.

It's free and will not affect the price of your purchase in any way. All funds raised go directly to the Liverpool Trojans Baseball Club.

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2016 AAA North Divsion Champions

2014 AAA North Runners-up

2013 AAA National Finalist
AAA North Division Winners

2012 AAA National Champions
AAA North Division Winners

2011 AAA National Champions
AAA North Division Winners

2010 AAA North Division Winners

1980 BBF National Champions

1978 BBF National Champions

 1976 BBF National Champions

1976 - 1985 Merseyside League Champions

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